Our Father Who Art in Heaven Hallowed Be Your Name

Our Father, who art in heaven. Your name is worthy of worship and your kingdom comes with the dawning suns to set it all right again at night when we pray for guidance on this earth as well so that one day you can restore what was lost long ago through our mistakes but also know there’s hope because no matter how dark things seem now-they will eventually brighten up again someday just wait & see!

The Lord’s Prayer begins with a request for hallowment – to turn what was once profane (unrelated) and ordinary into something special that you can devote your time towards knowing better than anyone else does.”

The first words of the Lord’s Prayer are “hallowed be your name.” This means that we want to make you, God in heaven above and all around us here on Earth – our hallow.

The phrase “sanctify them” appears eight times throughout Bible translation references including 1 Thessalonians 5:17 which reads “Sanctify yourselves joyfully!” When people say this they usually mean get out there and Live! Let your life be an example for others; fill it up with love so everyone can see what happens when someone lives like Jesus did…

Christians are called to be holy; they must sanctify themselves. This means living a life filled with joy and happiness, as well as being an example for others around you – showing them that following Jesus will produce amazing results!

Jesus taught his followers not only to ask for things they want, but also that we should hallow the Father’s name before making any other requests. As well as offer up a simple yet profound prayer which he said would help us attain what is rightfully ours and deserve even if it costs something valuable–our own purity of heart!

To hallow something is to make it holy, special or sacred. It’s also used as a verb in Hebrew and means “to consecrate” which could be translated with the English word ‘sanctify’. The original meaning behind Hallowed was originally meant for things that have been made more valuable by being dedicated specifically for one thing–whether they are spiritual beliefs like Christianity measures your worth through faith alone or if you’re following an entire religion based off what practices were performed during life-the process of becoming adopted into this community will grant membership upon dying intestate; same goes. 

In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus is telling us to make our lives holy and separate from sin. By calling on his name we are supposed to do good works which can include helping others or being a neighbor you would want around for coffee one day! Proclaiming His gospel means sharing what he has done in your life so people understand how much they need him as well.

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