The Messages of Our Lady at Garabandal

There are many accounts of Our Lady appearing at Garabandal. Some were personal and some were enlightening. The messages of the Blessed Virgin revealed many of the inner thoughts and actions of those who saw Her. Here are five of the most important messages that Our Lady revealed to pilgrims. We have compiled these in this article for your benefit. Read it! The Messages of Our Lady at Garabandal

The 9 pine trees are prominent in the Messages of Our Lady at Garabanal. The villagers Paquita Gonzalez and Serafin Gonzalez are also prominent in the messages. Their visionary sister Conchita was one of them. Ultimately, the message of Our Lady at Garabandal is a powerful reminder that we must follow the messages of our Lady if we are to be saved from the wrath of God.

Since the apparitions occurred in the area, the local bishops of Santander have not endorsed them officially. While the Church does not formally endorse these apparitions, it does acknowledge that they occurred and that the prophecies have been fulfilled. Ultimately, the Church will recognize these apparitions as true when these prophecies are fulfilled. In the meantime, everyone can visit the apparitions of Our Lady at Garabandal.

The Messages of Our Lady at Garbandal are a controversial topic. Taking a closer look at the events of June 1961, the apparitions began. The first apparition took place in a small village near the Cantabrian Mountains of northwest Spain. Four young girls were playing outside of their village when a thunderous sound struck them. When the girls raised their heads, they saw the figure of an Angel. It disappeared without saying a word. The Angel continued to visit them over the next several days. They watched him in silence and smiled. Eventually, people began to pray the rosary when the Angel appeared.

The kissing of objects is one of the most important messages of Our Lady at Garabandal. The Blessed Virgin considered this an important part of her apparitions. She made kissing religious objects one of the principal objects of her last visit to Garabandal on November 13, 1965. After the apparition, Conchita wrote a report of the experience. This account was published in the December 1965 edition of Our Lady at Garabandal.

In the first volume of the series, The Messages of Our Lady at Garbandal were written in Spanish, and have been translated in several languages. The three-volume set She Went in Haste to the Mountain consists of seventy-one messages from the apparition. In volume two, the second volume consists of the messages of the Virgin Mary in English. The final volume She Went in Haste to the Mountain is the most popular.

The next section of The Messages of Our Lady at Garbandal relates to the Great Miracle. The Blessed Virgin Mary told Conchita that the Great Miracle will occur on Thursday at 8:30 PM and last fifteen minutes. The visible sign will remain in the pines until the end of time. The Great Miracle will coincide with a major event in the Church. In this miracle, the sick and sinners will be healed, and the apparition of the Blessed Virgin will convert them to Christianity. The warning will come eight days before the Great Miracle, and will appear in the sky and be seen by all of mankind. Check padre nuestro que estás en el cielo website

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