Why Do We Need to Know the Seven Deadly Sins?

While the Bible does not list the Seven Deadly Sins, there are many ways to be guilty of them, ranging from greed and lust to envy and sloth. Pope Gregory, I compiled a list of seven deadly sins meant to be avoided. But are these the worst sins? Is there a right way to be, and how can we live a sinless life?

While the Bible does not list the Seven Deadly Sins directly, it does describe seven types of behaviors that are more prone to a person’s sinful tendencies. Historically, these sins were associated with different planets or attitudes, but the list we know today has more to do with human nature. It’s not just the Bible that references the Seven Deadly Sins, but also literature such as Dante’s Divine Comedy.

We will be better equipped to avoid the Seven Deadly Sins when we know the Seven Deadly Sins. If we desire to live by these principles, we’ll become more moral, virtuous, and compassionate towards others. And by the way, we’ll have the Holy Spirit to help us do it. The indwelling Holy Spirit will cause us to desire Bible principles. This is a good thing!
Greed is the desire to acquire material wealth. While valuing the spiritual realm, we can ignore it to seek material wealth. Greed is often referred to as “avarice.” While wrath can lead to malice, it isn’t the same as pride. Lust can lead to murder. David sent his son Uriah to the front lines to fight the enemy.

The concept of the Seven Deadly Sins was first used in Latin, where vital meant “something lacking.” It refers to a deviant habit. It predates Christianism, but the word “victim” still holds. The seven capital sins were considered grave because they led to further immorality. In addition to being the worst sins, the Seven Deadly Sins have counterparts in the seven heavenly virtues.

There are many reasons to know the Seven Deadly Sins, and the answer may surprise you. Anime is a popular medium for storylines across all genres. The Seven Deadly Sins manga series was first published in October 2012 and has since produced many seasons and episodes. Just pick the correct episode, as random episodes are probably not the best way to follow the storyline.

While we must be wary of our anger, it is also important to realize that God forgives all sins. While some sins have more earthly consequences than others, the lasting results are similar. The Seven Deadly Sins should be the goal of every Christian, but we can begin fighting them with a godly life. The Seven Deadly Sins are not so hard to combat if we follow the Lord’s example.

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