Dan Stucke; in no particular order (but important bits first!); I’m a: husband; teacher; mathematician; e-learning evangelist, assistant head teacher; mountain biker and Apple fan. My teaching career has been based around Maths within central Manchester, England. I grew up in the Lake District, before moving to Manchester to study Aerospace Engineering at Manchester University.

This blog has contained my musings on education in general, or in my own classroom for the last few years and has helped build many great connections and relationships with educators around the World.

I’m currently working at the fantastic Stretford High School as Assistant Head Teacher responsible for all sorts of things, current focuses include building a timetable (someone’s got to do it!), developing our Realsmart Cloud VLE, and developing a new ICT curriculum for next year.

I am @mrstucke on Twitter, please feel free to add me and join in the conversation.

All opinions on this blog are my own and do not reflect the views of anyone who I work for or with.

  • http://www.mrstucke.com mrstucke

    Thanks for the kind words, and the inspiration from your own writings amongst others to start this blog!

    Speaking of which, could you tell me how you got your little del.icio.us tag cloud onto your edublog sidebar? Despite my best efforts of fiddling with the sidebar widget I have failed to get anything more than you can see at present!



  • http://kwhobbes.edublogs.org/ kwhobbes

    Hello Dan,
    Look forward to your contributions to the discussions. I visited you math blog – great setup. I’m going to pass this on to our division as something to look at.
    btw, I was to the Lake District three years ago on a 19 day trip through England. Relatives toured us around. What an absolutely beautiful area. Would love to go back soon!


  • http://tbarrett.edublogs.org/ tbarrett

    Hi Dan
    great to have you with us! I look forward to reading your thoughts on your blog, please let me know if there is anything I can help with.

    Best wishes


    PS : I trained to be a teacher at Charlotte Mason – so know the Lakes very well – 4 great years there!

  • http://chorltonhighmaths.edublogs.org/ mrstucke

    Thanks Tom,

    That’s taken me back, I remember the PGCE students from Charlotte Mason coming into my school when I was a kid!


  • Stan H

    Tried to comment directly on your blog, but couldn’t. I am interested in your game design lesson (on Twitter). How did it go?

    I spent a day off timetable running a game design workshop for Year 7’s & 8’s. By the way, my lesson plan went out the window after 5 minutes. They absolutely loved it and went way beyond my expectations!

    Very few games got completed (to complete a game would be to stop them imagining how to improve it!

    All the games are at:

    My favourite:

    ICT are now planning to take this to the next level and included in the KS3 curriculum.

  • http://themasterplan.edublogs.org/ mrstucke

    Hi Stan, apologies for such a long delay in replying – I’ve been ‘off network’ for most of the summer!

    The day went OK, although only having just under an hour with each group limited what we could achieve. I curtailed the creativity a little by getting everyone to make a maze game and showing them how to draw the maze, add a character and map directional control keys to that character. I then left them some hints as to where to take their games to next.

    Didn’t get round to uploading their games, I’ll try and do it when back in school.

    Instructions I used are here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/5236778/Scratch-Maze-Game

  • http://www.quak.co.uk Gareth Jones

    Hi Dan
    I have read a number of your posts with considerable interest this afternoon. I’m a multimedia developer based in Manchester and I’m currently looking at developing educational software for teaching maths to kids at Key Stage 3 level.
    As you’ll see from my website, I was the original developer on three of the Bowland Trust’s maths resources (Outbreak, Product Wars and Explorers) two years ago and I’m currently looking at putting together a second phase of such resources. I have a number of ideas spread over a number of different areas, and I would love to discuss with you your thoughts on such software and how it could be made more useful for you and your colleagues.
    If you’re interested in such a discussion, I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

  • http://www.mrstucke.com MrStucke

    Hi Gareth, I’d be delighted to discuss any ideas you have further.  Feel free to Twitter/EMail me about anything.