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Google Wave – First Impressions for Schools

Well you can’t have missed the fact that Google has finally unleashed Google Wave to 100,000 lucky testers, and with it a tsunami of hype.  I was lucky enough to be one of the 100,000 first wave.  Enough of the puns, if you want a bytesize explanation of what Wave is then this video is the best start:

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Google Wave – the beginning of the end for VLEs?

Google announced a new product to the World at it’s Google I/O conference yesterday, Google Wave.

google_wave_logoThere has been much written about it around the Web, by folks more intelligent than I, so if you want to catch up on the intricacies then read some of these sites:

Ars Technica Tech Crunch Tech Crunch again LifeHacker DownloadSquad

You can sign up to be informed about Wave, and hopefully get involved with the beta at the Google Wave website: http://wave.google.com. If you’re lucky the video might be working on that site too, it was temperamental at the time of writing.

This looks very exciting for school use.  Many seem to have dubbed it the ‘new email’ already.  The collaboration possibilities in and between classrooms look fantastic.  I’ve been a big fan of using wikis as collaborative documents and this looks like it will take the concept of a wiki to a new level.  The ability to drag and drop files into a collaborative document in a browser for instance lowers the technical skills required for working with these kinds of technologies considerably.

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