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The Fast Lane

Life in the fast lane! CC image by fishtail @ Flickr.com

No post in several months. Certainly not down to having nothing to write about, rather having done so much that I am struggling to find the time and energy to keep up with my blog reading let alone writing.

Since September I have been responsible for eLearning, Maths, data, timetable, marketing and other logistics within our school. Needless to say this has been a leadership baptism by fire.

The opportunity to lead on whole school initiatives is a great privilege, but for a perfectionist and tinkerer it’s difficult. I’m spread frustratingly thinly at times, but I’ve been massively developing my delegation and coaching skills. To get things done effectively I need to rely on my teams to do a lot of the legwork.

Some work and initiatives that I’ve been working on and really need to write about:

  • Pushing results and expectations with Higher Tier GCSE Maths.
  • Setting targets in every subject in every year for every pupil using Fischer Family Trust predictions as a baseline. Developing a more inclusive target setting process from these baseline targets.
  • Publishing school news on a Posterous blog / Facebook page / Twitter account. Continue reading

Digital Leaders

I am excited to have been invited by Kristian Still to be involved with developing the idea of ‘Digital Leaders’ in school.  Digital Leaders is an initiative started by Kristian Still at Hamble College in Southampton.

To quote Kristian: “The Digital Leaders are a group of students from Hamble Community Sports College that lead innovative ICT practice and regularly meet as part of the Digital Media and Gaming Club. They contribute to ICT innovation and curriculum development and contribute to school ICT policy.”

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My 3 Year E-Learning Development Plan

I have been in post at my new school as Director of E-Learning for 4 weeks now, and it’s been a heck of a ride!  A completely new IT Support team for the school has meant that it has been a trying start to the year for all concerned.  The new team has pulled together well though and I am really pleased with their dedication and good humour in the face of a few near disasters.

I have been beavering away in what little free time I have had, developing something of a strategy for the coming years.  This job is made a little harder as there is a strong, but unconfirmed possibility that our school may merge with another in the next year or two and become an Academy.

Well, first off, Doug beat me to it with his 3 year Director of E-Learning Development plan!  If mine looks similar, it’s mainly because I stole his layout. ;)  The content was already prepared and I’m really pleased to see that there are a number of similarities.  I hope this means we are both headed in the right direction, I think it also shows the shared wisdom of the blogging community that we draw from.  The Digital Leaders / E-Learning Champions ideas coming from Kristian Still’s work and reflections for example.

Enough waffle, HERE IT IS.

When I compared the two, I worried that I was being a little optimistic in the amount I plan to get done, however I have 100 staff & 750 pupils to work with, Doug has 3000+ students!  We have a lot of hardware in school, but it is not used as effectively as it could be, that’s one of my first aims.

I’ve not actually shared this with senior staff at school yet, so any feedback would be appreciated. :)