The Messages of Our Lady at Garabandal 2

In 1961, the girls of Garabandal, Spain, promised that they would announce the first message for the world, and they kept their word. The first message was delivered on October 18th, 1961, to a crowd of hundreds of people. Some people expected a miracle. Others expected to see Our Lady herself. However, the anti-climax was massive. Some people even said aloud that the festival was over.

Although the Church has not yet issued an official statement on the apparitions, the message itself is largely endorsed by many Catholics. The church generally holds back on recognizing apparitions until they fulfill prophecies. The Church does not endorse such apparitions, but it has endorsed the apparitions of Lourdes and Fatima. It is also open to all Catholics, so it’s not a big deal if you’re a Catholic.

The visions of Garabandal are very different from what we usually see. While Bernadette’s voice could not be heard during her conversations with the heavenly lady at Lourdes, the visionaries at Garabandal were able to hear each other’s voices. Their voices were lower than normal but still audible. The visionaries’ comments on these apparitions reveal interesting details of the experience.

Although Father Justo’s apparitions have been interpreted in a way that’s consistent with the message of the Virgin Mary, he has never publicly denied that they were the work of a divine entity. While he’s the main precursor in perpetual adoration in Spain, he’s also the main source of interpretations and meditations. For further information, visit the official website of Garabandal Parish, where the Messages of Our Lady of Garabandal are published.

The Messages of Our Lady at Garabandal occurred in northern Spain in 1961. They took place with four schoolgirls. The girls had snatched apples from the schoolmaster’s garden, which they placed in a tree outside the village. The girls, meanwhile, were playing outside the village when a thunderclap shook the mountainside. Suddenly, the girls went into an ecstatic trance. In a few days, they saw an angel who told them that the Blessed Virgin would appear as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

In addition to the visions, the girls had also received two messages through Saint Michael the Archangel. The first one, from the Blessed Virgin, was to “make the house of charity at Garabandal a great house of charity in New York” (Conchita’s interpretation). The second message, which appeared to the girls on October 18, told them to make the message public. This was a significant prophecy, as the house of charity would bring glory to God.

The apparitions of Our Lady at Garabandal are the most important apparitions in Spain. The Blessed Virgin often kissed objects, and many people believe that this is one of the primary means of establishing a person’s faith in the apparitions. The Blessed Virgin also told Conchita in advance that she would visit the village in November 1965 and gave her a sign in June. The signs were not easily understood by children, and she returned the medal three days later.

The second message of Our Lady at Garabandal is a message of warning. According to legend, the Great Miracle will be in the pine forest, on Thursday evening at 8:30pm. The miracle will be accompanied by a great event in the Church. The sick in Garabandal will be cured and sinners will convert to Christianity. During the eight days preceding the Great Miracle, the Blessed Virgin Mary will issue a supernatural warning. The sign will be visible to the world and will be seen by everyone.

Conchita proclaimed the first message of Our Lady. This message was the first of many messages, but it lasted only for a short time. After the first message, the Blessed Virgin sent the archangel Saint Michael to deliver the second message. The Blessed Virgin asked the archangel Saint Michael to deliver it in Our Lady’s name. She also warned that the second message would be her last. The Blessed Virgin also warned that many priests and bishops were on the road to perdition, and that the Eucharist was no longer given sufficient importance in the Church.

Despite the overwhelming eyewitness testimony, some Church members did not accept the second part of the message. They were not prepared to accept the underlying truth. The truth was to be found. The scandals and grave errors of doctrine would cover entire regions. But these were the only two main messages that could help the Catholic Church. There was no better way to respond to this controversy than to change the Church’s view.